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History of the Company 1950~1979

Incorporated and named Kimura coffee store Co.,Ltd. to deal with roasting and canning of coffee and sale of foodstuffs.


Succeeded in Japan’s first import and sale of Kilimanjaro coffee from Tanzania, and also Blue Mountain from Jamaica.

Established Osaka Kimura coffee store Co.,Ltd.


Released “Instant Key soluble coffee” 43g, Soluble is the name then changed into “Instant coffee”.

Relocated head office.


Started coffee seminars, in department stores and schools, and retail stores for expanding the correct knowledge and techniques of brewing coffee. It contributed to the development of coffee culture.


Introduced Japan’s first espresso machine in coffee stand of department stores and retail stores, following the trends in Europe.


Released Key Modern Pack (vacuum pack).


Started broadcasting “Coffee Workshops on NET TV. This helped contributing to the consumption and spread of coffee.


Released “Key instant coffee” 50g.

Released “Key modern tea” 85g and “Modern cocoa” 80g.

Opened Sapporo office in Hokkaido prefecture.

Invested in the establishment of Japan Instant coffee industry Co.,Ltd (Current Nic Foods Co.,Ltd).


Opened Hiroshima branch office in Hiroshima prefecture.

Released “Key pet sugar”.


Completed Tsunashima Factory in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture, which became the pioneer of modern roast processing factory as the industry’s first automated factory.


Bunji Shibata, President, received the Medal with blue ribbon, as representative of the first coffee industry.


Hirokazu Shibata was appointed as president and representative director.

Developed self-service coffee grinder, booth, for retail stores, allowing customers freely grind their favorite coffee beans. This revolutionary system contributed to market expansion of retail products. The booth became a landmark for coffee lovers.

Released “Special blend”, which is long-time seller between Key coffee products.

Completed Nagoya Factory.


Released Rainbow series, including “Special blend” and “Mocha blend”, “Blue mountain blend” 300g.

Established KEY COFFEE service Co.,Ltd, which is the Japan’s first office coffee service, specified in the rental of coffee machines bringing the possibility to people to enjoy regular coffee in work place in alternating to instant or delivery service.

Established Aomori Kimura coffee store Co.,Ltd.

Established Okinawa Kimura coffee store Co.,Ltd.


Released vacuum pack “American” and “French” 150g to deliver more fresh coffee.


Started a preliminary investigation forstarting the coffee business in Toraja, Indonesia.

Started installing advertising boards in front of “kissaten”, The sign board with the mark of the key contributed to expand Japanese kissaten culture nationwide.


Established Sulawesi Development Co., Ltd.

Released “N2 pack” and “High fresh pack” and “Family pack”.

Released “Café de Colombia” 100g, which is freeze dried instant coffee.


Released “Key coffee creamy” and “Key soft margarine”.


Established P.T. TOARCO JAYA, Indonesia.

Released 200g cans series.

Released “Key coffee sugar”.

Started bulk procurement of beans in Indonesia The picture shows a road leading to the farm.


Started the business to purchase green coffee beans directly from farmer in Indonesia.

Released “Key creamy powder”.


Released Toarco Toraja the “coffee of dream.”

Completed Kanto Factory.

Planted first coffee seedlings in Toraja plantation.

Released canned food product, like “Key curry” and “Key meat sauce”, as also the “Key juice cans” series .


Released “Key iced coffee tetra pack”.